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Telephone System Support Calumet City, IL

Calumet-City, IL 60409

Business Phone system provider; Calumet-City ILLINOIS 60409 System Installation • Upgrades • Maintenance
…maximize your business communication

Whether you need an existing phone system maintained, or an entirely new system for multiple office locations, Andromeda Technology Solutions is the answer you have been looking for.

In many cases, your telephone system is the first thing people will experience when dealing with your business. Let us show you how a phone system should be set up to enhance your communications with your business contacts!

Cloud, Hybrid PBX & IP Phone Systems

We are a certified dealer for traditional PBX systems as well as true IP-based VoIP systems. The attraction of newer Hybrid systems lies in their very extensive feature set (over 800 features) and their versatility. Each system can mix analog, digital, and IP phone sets to match almost any application. Also, each system has functionality available for incorporating branch offices, workat- home employees, and other remote workers.

When considering an IP-based telephone system, it is important to understand that—unlike traditional PBX systems—a VoIP system puts a significant burden on your data network, requiring specific equipment and configuration to ensure everything is running properly.

Whether Cloud-based, Hosted/virtual PBX, or completely on-premises, we have the knowledge AND experience to guide you and implement your voice communication system to perfection.

A traditional phone service company will often lack the skills to properly install and maintain a VoIP system. But Andromeda excels in all aspects of voice and data. We always take the time to understand all of your requirements in order to ensure that you get the system which is right for you.

We sell only top-quality, name brand products. For new systems, we feature: Avaya


Andromeda has assembled a great variety of telephone systems from top to bottom.

  • Design system according to # of users, call volumes, future expansion…
  • Wiring/splicing/circuit extensions
  • Wall mountings for adapters & connectors
  • Data Closet punch down boards, rack units, outside line cross connect
  • Ancillary equipment (music-on-hold, paging…) as needed
  • Data network integration (for IP systems)

  • Initial handset programming for extensions and call features
  • Implement/test paging, on-hold, and other ancillary features
  • Integrate phone applications on desktops
  • Integrate installed system with telecom provider

  • Comprehensive system training
  • Remote programming—greatly reduces service call expenses!
  • Full-service recovery for all systems including 3rd-party installations
  • Long-term experience replacing malfunctioning legacy systems from Toshiba/Mitel, Nortel, Samsung and many others.

  • Software/firmware updates
  • Application enhancements
  • IP/VoIP upgrades

Andromeda is a full-service IT company uniquely qualified to maximize your IT and technical infrastructure investments over the long term. Call us to learn how we can help you!

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